The BITBITPLUS Bartop is a hybrid game machine in every way: An arcade cabinet styled bartop designed to fit in your living room’s IKEA cupboard. Original NES hardware connected to real arcade joystick controls. A smooth design that is bridging the gap between arcade games and home consoles.

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Attention to little things makes a big difference

ILSA Joysticks

Arcade Control Components

All controls tap into the original NES hardware. Sticks and buttons rely on durable ILSA arcade components with cherry switches.

2 Player Configuration

2 Player Configuration

The 18 inch body width design allows for a full 2-player setup. Select and Start Buttons have been wired to player one controls.

Original Nintendo Hardware

Original Hardware

Only original NESE-001 hardware is used in the BITBITPLUS Bartop.

Custom Made Decals

Custom Made Decals

The Control Panel Overlay, Bezel and Marquee are coated with a custom designed 8-bit pixel style artwork, printed on a durable ORAJET foil with a matte finish and UV-resistant overcoat. Other areas feature the icons from Mega Man, Kirby, Excite Bike and Super Mario Bros.

Front Cartridge Loading

The NES loading mechanism has been remodeled to face the front for easy access, even if the bartop is located in a cabinet or backed up against a wall.
Parts from the original galoob Game Genie game adaptor have been used to extend the NES mainboard’s 72 pin connector.
A 3D-printed frame protects the front and guides the cartridge.

Front Cartridge Loading slot

Tech specs

No emulation! Original Hardware deconstructred and repurposed for an one-of-a-kind machine


Original NESE-001 Hardware with Sharp Aquos LC-20B4E monitor and ILSA control components


Easy-swap front-Loading cartridge slot
Single switch power on
220 Volt AC powered

Nintendo Bartop by BITBITPLUS playing Super Mario Bros.


Custom decals with fluorescent tube illuminated marquee, gold foil accented bezel artwork 


Double-Speaker Setup with push button volume control and auto-mute headphone jack

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All work ©2013, Gerrit Dreher
All photos courtesy of Felix Matthies

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